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The Benefits of AI Accreditation for Digital Marketers.

Gain an edge with AI.

Rise above the rest.

with an AI accreditation.

Raise your credibility

Deepened Knowledge: Our AI course ensures that marketers not only grasp the foundational concepts of AI but also understand how they intertwine with digital marketing strategies.

Machine Learning and Marketing Synergy: The course delivers a complete understanding of machine learning in the world of digital marketing, allowing marketers to have a full grasp of the intricacies behind platforms such as Google, Bing, and Facebook.

Expect The Best: Guaranteed AI Accreditation With Our One Day Masterclass.

The fusion of AI and digital marketing is undeniable. 

For marketers eager to not only adapt but thrive in this era, enrolling in our AI masterclass will be a transformative step. 

It's more than just a course; it's an investment in a future where AI-driven strategies dictate the success of digital campaigns.

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All pioneers in digital marketing with unparalleled expertise, our advisory board members champion and guide the promotion of our AI Masterclass program, infusing it with strategic insights, seasoned guidance, and a wealth of experience that ensures our offerings are at the forefront of innovation and excellence. 

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Increase your value

 and earn more.

Stand Out In The Digital Arena.

The AI wave is here, and it's reshaping the future of digital marketing. 

By equipping yourself with AI expertise through our masterclass, you're not only gaining a competitive edge but also ensuring that you remain relevant, effective, and in-demand. 

Don't just be a part of the crowd; lead it. Dive deep into the world of AI with our masterclass and emerge as the digital marketer of the future.


competitive advantage.

Expert recognition giving

Just as certifications in platforms like Google Ads or Analytics indicate specific expertise, completing our AI course showcases a marketer's commitment and in-depth knowledge in the combined domain of AI and digital marketing.

Stand Out: In a crowded job market, having trained through a dedicated AI course offers a distinct advantage, signaling a marketer's expertise in utilising AI tools for digital campaigns.





The digital realm is in a state of continuous evolution, and at the forefront of this transformation is artificial intelligence (AI). 

For digital marketers striving to remain relevant and efficient in this changing landscape, understanding AI is paramount.

Staying Ahead Is Not A Desire.

It Is A Necessity.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead is not just a desire, but a necessity. 

To help you harness the boundless possibilities of AI and integrate its capabilities into your digital marketing strategies, we proudly introduce our intensive One Day Masterclass.

Industry-Leading Curriculum: We've distilled the vast ocean of AI knowledge into a concise yet comprehensive program, ensuring that you receive only the most relevant and actionable insights.

Expert Instructors: Learn from the best in the field. Our instructors aren't just AI experts; they're seasoned digital marketers who have successfully integrated AI into real-world campaigns. They're here to share their experiences, mistakes, and best practices.

Hands-on Learning: We believe in learning by doing. Our masterclass incorporates real case studies, group discussions, and interactive sessions, ensuring you're not just listening but also applying your newfound knowledge.

Guaranteed Accreditation: Confidence in our program is sky-high, and for a good reason. Complete our masterclass, and you're guaranteed AI accreditation, a testament to your newly acquired skills and expertise.

Machine Learning & Analytics Masterclass in Digital Marketing

8:30 am - 9:00 am: Registration & Networking
A chance for attendees to mingle, grab a coffee, and settle in.

9:00 am - 9:30 am: Introduction
Course Overview (5 minutes)
A brief overview of what will be covered during the day.

The Intersection of Machine Learning & Digital Marketing (25 minutes)
Why it's a game-changer and the potential it holds.


9:30 am - 10:45 am: Descriptive Analytics
Deep Dive into Descriptive Analytics (15 minutes)
Its purpose and the depth digital marketers should understand.

Clustering and Affinity Groups (30 minutes)
How they work in digital marketing and advanced data visualisation techniques.

Case Study & Group Discussion (30 minutes)
Real-world digital marketing scenarios where descriptive analytics played a pivotal role.

10:45 am - 11:00 am: Morning Break


11:00 am - 12:15 pm: Predictive Analytics
The Power of Predictive Analytics (15 minutes)
A deeper understanding of its importance in forecasting and decision-making.

Leveraging Predictive Modelling to Pinpoint Customer Segments and Anticipate Future Action (30 minutes)
Classification Models and Regression Models and their relevance to digital marketing.

Evaluation and Overfitting (30 minutes)
The two elements in place with predictive analytics to ensure accurate their data-driven insights.

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm: Lunch Break


1:15 pm - 2:30 pm: Prescriptive Analytics
Demystifying Prescriptive Analytics (15 minutes)
Understand its role in offering actionable recommendations.

Understanding Decision Variables and Outcome Variables. (30 minutes)
The input variables that make the magic happen.

Application in Campaign Optimisation (30 minutes)
How can marketers use prescriptive analytics to tweak their campaigns for better results?

2:30 pm - 2:45 pm: Afternoon Break


2:45 pm - 4:00 pm: Machine Learning in PPC
Revolutionising Ad Campaigns with ML (20 minutes) How machine learning is changing the game in PPC, programmatic buying, dynamic pricing, etc.

Real-world Applications & Case Studies (60 minutes)
Diving deep into actual platforms leveraging ML for better results with multi-arm bandit.

Group Discussion & Brainstorming (25 minutes)
How AWS & F1 use machine learning at it's best.

4:00 pm - 4:45 pm: Q&A Session / Closing & Networking

A chance for attendees to discuss what theyโ€™ve learned, share contacts, and potentially collaborate on future projects.

In a landscape teeming with data, stand out by being the marketer who doesn't just collect it, but commands it. 

Join our masterclass and evolve from being a data-gatherer to a strategic visionary.

delivered with passion!

Expert tuition

๐Ÿฅ‡  Winner of "BEST PPC CAMPAIGN" at the 2021 UK Agency Awards 

๐ŸŒ  International Awards Judge 

๐Ÿš€  Leading Independent Digital Marketer 

๐Ÿ’ก  Published AI Author 

๐Ÿ”ฅ  Accredited AI Professional from UC Berkeley in California

๐Ÿ”‘  Keynote Speaker: The Future of Advertising



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Member Name
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed gravida lacus et faucibus bibendum. Sed eu diam efficitur, lobortis nisl ac, cursus purus.

Member Name
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed gravida lacus et faucibus bibendum. Sed eu diam efficitur, lobortis nisl ac, cursus purus.

Very soon, your future employer and clients will demand that their campaign managers have a good understanding of machine learning and the analytics that drive Google PPC and other digital advertising platforms. 


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The Masterclass

About Us

Our founder, Gez McGuire is an award winning digital marketer with over 20 years' dedicated experience.

Now working at the forefront of blending AI adoption & machine learning with human intelligence to deliver exceptional digital marketing results to a global client base.

Masterclass Locations.


Competitive Advantage.

Expert Recognition 

In the age of digital marketing, the phrase "knowledge is power" has never been more apt. 

With the overwhelming amount of data at our fingertips, the real power lies in understanding and leveraging this data to its full potential.

Embracing the Future: AI, Analytics, and the New Age of PPC

In the constantly evolving world of digital marketing, staying at the forefront of technological advancement is not just beneficial, it is imperative. As we stand on the brink of a transformative era where Conversational AI promises to revolutionize search marketing and PPC, the integration of AI and advanced analytics โ€“ Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive โ€“ is driving this intelligent transformation, turning it into a powerhouse of user engagement and conversion.

Beyond Traditional Boundaries with AI and Analytics

In this new era, digital marketing professionals stand at the cutting edge, where the amalgamation of AI and analytics is reshaping the terrain of PPC and search marketing. Take a user's simple search query for a wedding dress in London in July. The advanced machine learning algorithms, backed by Descriptive Analytics, decode the past data and trends to comprehend the query. The Predictive Analytics forecast the user's preference for a lightweight, sleeveless dress based on the weather forecast. Lastly, the Prescriptive Analytics, driven by AI, proactively suggest the most suitable options aligning with the user's implicit needs.

Understanding the Convergence for Enhanced Engagement

This convergence of Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics, supercharged by AI, is what facilitates a deeper understanding of user queries, transcending the boundaries of keywords and entering the realm of intent and context. It allows advertisers to anticipate and respond to user needs more effectively, enhancing engagement and potentially boosting conversion rates.

As digital marketers, understanding and mastering the intertwined mechanics of AI and analytics is not just beneficial, but essential. This comprehensive knowledge enables the creation of more context-aware, responsive, and engaging PPC campaigns, thereby not only enhancing visibility but also improving the overall return on investment.


Seeking Pioneers for Our Advisory Board: Shape the Future of Digital Mastery.

In the relentless whirlwind of digital evolution, mere survival isn't the endgame. 

Thriving and leading are. It's not a mere wishful sentiment; it's an essential criteria. 

Distinctive Opportunities Await: 

Guided Visionary Influence: Here's your chance to be front and centre in front of thousands of digital marketing professionals.  

Synergise with the Best: Align with fellow visionaries. Our board is a gathering of digital maestros and AI aficionados, all aiming for a singular vision: enhancing digital marketing professionals to to achieve more.

Legacy Crafting: This isn't just about the present. It's a commitment to forge a future, imprinting lasting legacies, and creating pathways for tomorrow's leaders.

Empowering The Future

With an AI accreditation, digital marketing professionals underscore their commitment to staying ahead in the rapidly evolving industry. 

This accreditation signifies a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics, reinforcing their position as strategic, insightful, and innovative leaders in the field.

AI and Programmatic Media Buying: Elevating Precision and Performance

In the burgeoning field of programmatic media buying, the influence of AI and machine learning is unequivocal. The adoption of advanced technologies is not merely a trend but a significant shift that is recalibrating the entire landscape. It's in this context that a profound understanding and expertise in AI and advanced analytics become even more crucial for professionals navigating the intricacies of programmatic buying.

AI: Redefining Programmatic Media Buying 

Just as it's transforming search marketing and PPC, AI is also at the forefront of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in programmatic media buying. The intelligent algorithms and advanced analytics seamlessly integrate to optimise the process of automated ad buying, ensuring the right message reaches the right audience at the right time, and in the most cost-effective manner.

Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive: A Triad of Insight 

In programmatic media buying, the synergy of Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics offers a comprehensive view and understanding of user behaviour and market trends. Descriptive Analytics offers insights into past behaviours, helping advertisers understand previous ad performance and user interactions. Predictive Analytics forecasts future trends and potentials, allowing for the anticipation of user responses and market movements. Prescriptive Analytics provides data-driven recommendations, enabling the execution of highly-targeted and efficient ad campaigns.

Enhanced Targeting and Personalisation 

With AI and advanced analytics, programmatic ad buying transcends generic strategies. Advertisers can leverage data and insights to craft highly personalised and context-aware ad campaigns. AIโ€™s capability to analyse vast datasets in real time enables more nuanced and effective targeting, ensuring each ad resonates with its intended audience, enhancing engagement, and boosting the probability of conversion.

Staying Ahead in the Programmatic Revolution

In the transformative world of programmatic media buying, staying at the forefront of AI and analytics is not just an advantage; itโ€™s a necessity. As the sector evolves, the integration of AI and machine learning is set to become more ingrained and essential.  

In the realm of programmatic media buying, AI accreditation is not just a qualification; itโ€™s a powerful enabler, amplifying insights, expertise, and results, solidifying professionals' positions as invaluable assets in this dynamic and evolving field.